Nature Makes the Best Music

Though Steve grew up in London and is a globally accomplished musician and producer, he always stayed connected to his roots in the island of St. Lucia. As Steve grew as a human being, he nurtured his relationship to his home and community, falling in love with the land and the people.
Sea moss naturally became a BIG part of his life, and health, and for years he has wanted to share this abundance with the world. Steve started sharing raw sea moss with friends and colleagues, who were always floored by the quality and benefits they received. As more and more folks asked, and as awareness of the health benefits of sea moss increased, he leaned in.
Somewhere along the way, Steveadopted the Galdalf / Rick Rubin lookalike Neal who shared his love for nature and health, also happened to have a lot of business experience. Voila.
Friends want to help friends realize their dreams, and that's what we're doing together. Simple like that. Spreading love, joy and abundance and trying to make a positive contribution in our own small way. It's us and our kids doing this with gratitude and respect for the land, our families, friends, neighbors and hopefully you too.
Thanks for stopping by and reading. You are beautiful and abundant!
Steve Octave  Neal Anderson
Steve Neal