Why Saint Luscious?

Why Saint Luscious?

Nature is so incredibly luscious, and so is the natural abundance of St. Lucia. So you can likely see where our name came from ;)

Friends help friends, and that's what we're doing together. Simple, like that. Spreading love, joy and abundance and trying to make a positive contribution in our own small way.

It's us and our kids doing this with gratitude and respect for the land, our ancestors, families, friends, neighbors and hopefully you too.

Practically speaking, here are some reasons to give our tribe a try:

  • We always bring you the HIGHEST QUALITY sea moss, GUARANTEED. If it's not good enough for our kids it's not good enough for you.
  • We are a family-farm-friendly *very* small business (three of us and our kids) who LOVE what we do!
  • We gratefully give back 10% of our profits to help uplift the communities we live in.
  • Our purpose is to spread love and joy in the world, starting with healthy sea moss!
  • Our prices aren't the rock-bottom lowest for a reason - because we pay our neighbor farmers fair prices and we re-invest in our neighborhoods. Our prices are the fairest for everyone.
  • Oh, and we ship free throughout the continental USA. We ain't Amazon, but we want to make this experience great for you.

If you have any issues, questions, or feedback please let us know! We want you to be happy and well-informed.

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