Gold, Purple, Green and Full Spectrum Sea Moss - What's the Difference?

Gold, Purple, Green and Full Spectrum Sea Moss - What's the Difference?

What are the Different Types of Sea Moss?

Our raw sea moss from the fresh island waters of St. Lucia come in several colors ranging gold, green, purple and full spectrum (which includes a gold, green and purple).

While we're big believers that all types of sea moss has benefits, you may have a preference. The color variations come different growing conditions, seasonality, and natural plant variations.

Let's dive into the main differences between each color.

Gold Sea Moss
Found in warmer waters, Gold sea moss grows wild throughout the year.  Phytonutrients are what give this sea moss its gold color, which bring potential benefits that help fight both cancer and heart disease. Gold sea moss also has a milder scent and flavor, which make it a popular choice. It can often be the most cost effective option for many people due to its year round availability.

Green Sea Moss
Higher concentrations of anthrocyanins and chlorophyll give Green sea moss its deeper color. These powerful elements are known to have properties that are anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, and are believed to yield a number of additional benefits including healing the skin, boosting red blood cell count, and even potentially preventing cancer. With more intense flavors and scents of the ocean, Green sea moss is both seasonal and less available, making it more expensive.

Purple Sea Moss
Like with Green sea moss, you will also find higher concentrations of anthocyanins in Purple sea moss (see above for benefits), without quite as much chlorophyll. Notable about Purple sea moss is its higher antioxidant properties. People often see benefits including improved skin and bone density,

Full Spectrum Sea Moss

Covering all the colors in the spectrum of sea moss, Full Spectrum also combines all of the benefits of Gold, Green and Purple sea moss. Like its Green and Purple sisters, it has a stronger flavor and scent, and has potent effects. If you're looking for the best of everything, and don't mind a stronger taste, Full Spectrum sea moss brings you the most vitamins and minerals that help give your body what it needs to be vital and healthy.


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